Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rumors and Gossip

Papua New Guinea is rich in minerals. They have trees like Acacia, they have gold, and diamonds, it is a fertile land. And that is good as it brings money to the New Guineans.

Companies come in and mine or cut trees and pay the land owner or Goverment a price on what they take and in some cases they will build a infrastucture while doing it such as roads or buildings.

I say all that to give you a foundation for what I about to say.

Someone has desided to lodge a complaint about Jason to the goverment. They say that he is mining gold and taking it out of the country. Note whenever you do something for God and even the people to help them there has to be one who will never be happy.

Jason has built and helped so much in the villiage of Wipim and one person is unhappy for whatever reason and has lied and brought an accusation against him.

Pray that the goverment looks into this matter and "investigates" it instead of just believing this person.

If they investigate they will find that there is no such merit to the accusation and it will squelch all rumors and give even more credibility to Jason and Ana.

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