Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going back into the bush.....

We sent Grandma Livis home the other day and she made it safely home! Amen. We were very thankful to have her with us for three weeks just before and after Ana was having David.

We will be going back to the bush in a few days, taking baby and mom and all the kids, are time out was fun, but we must get to hte work that God has called us to.

Please pray as we do special outreaches into several villages they are....

Wim, Rual, Gamawe, Padare, and Iamega.

I should have more info to post as I come back out to Daru in a month, until then... Yawo (goodbye).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's a Boy

Ana gave birth to our 5th child July 12th @ 11:30am. He weighed 3.45kg and was 52cm long. His name is David Jason Russell in honor of our Youth Pastor David Swim. Bro. Swim taught us to fear God and desire to serve Him with our lives. He laid a foundation of convictions in our lives that remain unto this day. Bro. Swim we are truly grateful! We love you.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Kinauls and Russells in Port Moresby

The Kinaul family was in Port Moresby yesterday and came by to
allow us to see Faren who was diagnosed with
TB - Menengitis of the brain back in April after he was mysteriously paralyzed. For 3 weeks he could not talk or move but now, Praise God, is able to walk alright but not able to lift his legs very high nor move very fast. His speech is still very slurred but is improving. The doctors are all amazed but we know who holds us in His hands!
Ps. Ana is still holding out but hopefully within the next couple of days we will have another picture to show you.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Internet Connection in Papua New Guinea

One of the hardest things to do when you are called to minister in the "bush" by God is keep in touch with others. Our recent phone line is at best "horrible". You get no cellular service there, I could get a Satellite phone at a great expense and you have Internet but it comes across at 16.6kbps (that is kilobytes) not megabytes.

While in Port Moresby waiting for the birth of our newest addition, I have been to a Internet cafe and got to use "broadband" how nice to be able to send pictures.

One downside to 16.6kbps is that you can only receive text, no pictures. So when some of you send us pictures I cannot download them as it takes us about 30minutes to get a picture.

Maybe one day Wipim will have broadband access? I can pray anyways!

Independence Day

Being on the mission field is a little different in the fact that we don't get to celebrate American holidays the same way. Why we pray for our Country and it's leaders regularly on the fourth of July in Papua New Guinea it is just another day of work.

Independence Day for Papua New Guinea is September 16th, this year will be their 32nd anniversary of self rule after seperating from Australia in 1975. The people will dress up in traditional dress with face paint and grass skirts and perform traditional dances.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Welcome...... Grandma Livis

Yesterday, Grandma Livis flew over to Papua New Guinea to be with us for the next month and to meet her next grandchild and spend time with her current grandchildren. The flight went well and she brought us soem things from America that we needed and they arrived much quicker than by mail.