Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going back into the bush.....

We sent Grandma Livis home the other day and she made it safely home! Amen. We were very thankful to have her with us for three weeks just before and after Ana was having David.

We will be going back to the bush in a few days, taking baby and mom and all the kids, are time out was fun, but we must get to hte work that God has called us to.

Please pray as we do special outreaches into several villages they are....

Wim, Rual, Gamawe, Padare, and Iamega.

I should have more info to post as I come back out to Daru in a month, until then... Yawo (goodbye).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! We sure wish we were there. Glad to hear about your new healthy addition to your family and that everything went well. I love the pictures of the kids,they sure are getting big.Tell everyone hi.

All for His Glory,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,Anna & Kids,

Found out you had this blog, were wondering what was happening out there in the bush. We will continue to keep all of you in prayer.

Your Aunt Mickey & I are in Charlotte North Carolina, visiting with Jared, Hannah & Grandkids. Having a great time.

Your Aunt Mickey & I purchased a home in South Carolina, close to Lydia, James & Cailin. They are doing well.
Mickey attends Victory Baptist Church there in North Augusta SC, Larry Brown, he's preached at the Lighthouse in the past. Very intergetic Preacher.

Congradulations on your newest !

Love you all,

Mickey & Jimmie Lisenbe