Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's a Boy

Ana gave birth to our 5th child July 12th @ 11:30am. He weighed 3.45kg and was 52cm long. His name is David Jason Russell in honor of our Youth Pastor David Swim. Bro. Swim taught us to fear God and desire to serve Him with our lives. He laid a foundation of convictions in our lives that remain unto this day. Bro. Swim we are truly grateful! We love you.


David Swim said...

Bro Jason and Anna,
I am humbled by your actions and dedication of your brand new baby boy. You can count on it for sure that I will pray for him constantly and let's watch what our Father does with him and through him. Glad to hear you are doing well and you are making some progress in the new area. You have chosen quite a path to pioneer a new work. Be patient and always remember that God will only give you what He wants to, not in demand to what we expect. This doesn't discount faith at all, just a total trust in His goodness, kindness and mercy. We love you and all the family says hello.
David & Regine Swim
Rachel, Jacob, Nicole, Sara, Micaela and Micah

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy, David. I enjoyed reading why you named him that.

Mrs. Thrun was the one who told me about your baby! Since Mike had your blog info, I wanted to come and see if you had posted a picture of him yet, and you did!

Tally Greene