Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Pastors and Friends,

Thank you for praying for us here in Papua New Guinea!

Wipim Baptist Church

In the Month of May our theme was “Increase Our Faith”, and we invited Pastor Daniel Kinaul and his wife + son to be with us from Daru Baptist Church. The Kinauls, you may remember, have a son who was stricken with Cerebral Malaria last year and it almost killed him. As a result it had been a “trying” year for them and they had plenty to teach. Our people responded well and we continued the theme into June.

We are now half way through the month of July and our theme for this month has been “Into All the World.” I will be teaching all through the month on Missions - Praying, Giving, Going with the Gospel. It is exciting for me to watch our people grab the concepts and recognize in themselves a lack of concern for the eternal condition of others. I can see the struggle that many of our people are having. They want to be soul-winners but taking that first step is difficult for most. We started an Evangelism course in June and it will continue for another 3 weeks. Two of our men have already won their first souls to Christ since the beginning of the course.

Wipim Developments

Wipim is supposed to be our new district headquarters. For the past three years we have been on the ground level of this transformation. In our town we have a Health Center with about eight staff, the District Treasury office with four staff, an Elementary school with about seven staff and our Local Level Government (LLG) with about four staff. There are no stores in Wipim where you can buy food stuff so most people still fly their groceries in from Daru. We do it every couple of months. From time to time we do get fresh meat to balance that which we would buy from the stores in Daru or the Capital city. (When we come home on furlough we hope to take a short course in butchery because quartering up a deer, pig or cassowary is more challenging than you think!) There is one phone that can call to Daru but that is about it most of the time, and we have a place where we have access to satellite based internet supplied by the folks who set up our town’s power system (Isn’t that wild?). Since we moved here three years ago, the government has built ten houses for their staff with ten more almost complete and another ten just about to begin construction. We are looking forward to having more fish in our sea to fish for!

“R.I.” Class

One of the highlights of my week is on Monday afternoons. The School gives churches the opportunity to have an hour of Religious Instruction for the students. The classes are broken up by denominations, and I have about 20 students in my “R.I.” class. They are all students who attend our Sunday school program. These students were just with my wife the day before, and she is teaching through the Bible using the A-Beka flashcards. Therefore, I use my time to teach Christian character. For the past several weeks, we have been memorizing Psalm 145:1-10 and many of the students this week were able to stand and quote all ten verses. They are really catching on to memorizing scripture, and we are seeing the fruits of hiding His Word in their hearts.

Please know that we love you and appreciate your burden for these in the uttermost!

Jason and Ana Russell


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Anonymous said...

Dear Russells,

Good to see and hear about your work in PNG. I like to stop by the blog every once in awhile to see what is new. Glad you are seeing your Christians growing. :) It's a blessing.

Jael Girard

josh said...

Hello Bro. Jason and family!!

We were so thankful to have met you in Port Moresby and to travel with you on your errands. Thank you for teaching us a bit about city life.

I don't know where Josh and I put your contact information, so this was the only way I was able to contact you. We (the Florences) are hoping to begin deputation in February of this next year. We are currently making preparations, though we have not yet begun to call. We do have a start on a website if you would like to look at it when in town: ( The update of our survey trip is on the home page.

We have other news but will wait to get in contact with you. Praying for your ministry!

Josh & Rebecca Florence

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Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Jason Russell,
I have heard about the great work you and your family are doing in Wipim from my friends from Daru Bapist Church and I was just wondering if you can come and volunteer with you guys?
I am 23 yr old Australian male, I speak fluent English and Indonesian and I understand Brokan and a little bit of Kiwai and have a great passion for helping others.
If you think i would be able to help in anyway in Wipim or in any other South Fly villages eg Morehead or Bula or somewhere please don't hesitate to contact me on
kind regards and God bless,
Callum Blacklaw