Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In and out of The Bush

Well I couldn't imagine that the last time I posted was July 24Th, time passes so quickly.

In the process I forgot my password to my blogger account.

Well it is the beginning of October and I needed to come out because once again the tractor proves to be a challenge, early I had faxed an order into Lighthouse via Daru and Pastor Daniel.

Parts were DHL shipped to me for a leak I had in the axle and also I needed to take Libby into Port Moresby with me so we can have her fitted for a retainer.

After I received the parts in a little under a week, I flew back into the bush (the roads are just impassable after the recent winter here.) and went to install the parts only to find that I blew a wheel bearing.

So back out I flew and to my amazement they had the part in Port Moresby, even more amazing is that Pastor Tao was able to pick it up, put it on a plane and I had the part in Daru that same day.

I should be back out November 14th or so as Libby will go in to have her retainer put in, so we need to fly into Port Moresby.

Until then here are a few pictures......

Joy and Titus

Wipim Baptist Church

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jason and Ana!
Congrats on your new son, David. I love to see new pictures! Your kids are growing so fast. Take care! ---Karen Ellis---